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Chapter One
M. Sharon Brown woke suddenly. She woke not realizing any time had passed – five seconds ago, she had been driving a hovercraft directly toward a very large cargo ship, of the floating sort. She came to terms with her death as completely as she really could, with only five seconds to ponder it, the huge ship floating for a head-on collision, her hovercraft having a pop-off lid that was currently popped off, leaving her with no protection but for the glass windshield in front of her face.
Understandably, she was more than a tad bit confused when she woke up, feeling only a little off, but otherwise completely okay.
Upon opening her eyes, she discovered that something about the color of the world looked just a bit... off. After a few seconds to adjust to the event of light, she realized she that the odd quilt, made out of several shades of grey and black instead of being colorful like most quilts, was on an oddly grey wall, and was hanging behind a light gr
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Mirror Image
Susette grinned, her long black hair hanging oilily in front of her face, head tipped slightly down, giving her an almost eerie appearance. Su, however, did not care whatsoever as to how creepy she may appear at that moment in time.
Susette Francis Ronalds was giddily overjoyed.
The experiment had worked.
It was a complex issue, and it had taken quite a bit of challenge to get it to eventually work. Things weren't like they were back in the beginning of the milennium – most of the research necessary for this to work had been legal, and much progress had been made since the unfortunate death of Dolly the sheep. It was the year 2381, now, and things were changing.
Su had finally cloned the first human being.
There were, of course, ethical issues with it still. It was considered highly unethical to clone a living being, in the case of a human cloning even succeeding, and cloning a dead human would possibly not be legal once they made a law about it – but she would deal with that
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Mwah, lookin' awesome by ThiafYeroled Mwah, lookin' awesome :iconthiafyeroled:ThiafYeroled 0 0
Pervasive and all-consuming,
it echoes evermore,
The daunting laughter chimes gleefully,
it dances 'round the bend,
The peeping piper fails himself,
goodbye forevermore,
Like a blood red swan she preens herself,
shines gracefully to end,
Like a blood-red scab she itches,
doubt the success or err,
never try to change the facts,
do you blame him or her.
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Hú cýmee þín feax mín fréo, hú cýmee þú bist in réod mín fréo, hú fræger þú bist dæghæđerlic mín fréo, hú cýmee þín cýmee sýna bist mín fréo, hú cýmee þín fræger nosu bist mín fréo, hú fræger ond cýmee þú bist mín fréo, hú fræger ond cýmee swilce, hú fræger ond cýmee þú bist mín fréo, hú fræger ond cýmee þú.
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Grieviŋ epidermiſ
Abalienatiŋ half-truþſ
Perniciouſ þowtſ
Higgliŋ chear and terroare
Keakiŋ holperſ and loaþerſ
Aeþyr lyf be intruſted in itſ ſeolf or naut, but wot iſ it wun ſhoulde þenċan wys?
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The last grain of sand falls off the petals of the flower, diving swiftly towards the pile of its peers, before the wind softly blows it off track, into the bushes, where sand is rarely seen and fire runs rampant and light is scarce.
The sand becomes used to the dark of the bushes, to the dry soil, enjoying the company of the occasional lizard or rabbit fleeting through the darkness.
Later, the bushes burn, scorching the land, leaving the sand unharmed and the bushes burnt, the lizards fried, the rabbits crisped to death, and the sand is left with scorched, dry soil and ashes, fluttering in the wind.
Soon enough, the sand joins the ashes, blowing in the wind. It wanders for ages and ages, the winds growing colder and colder. It begins to enjoy traveling through the wind with ash and dirt and other grains of sand, wandering lazily around the countryside.
Finally, the single grain of sand finds a home near the top of a dry, almost plantless hill, with other sand, and more parched soil, a
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Sunlit Ocean by ThiafYeroled Sunlit Ocean :iconthiafyeroled:ThiafYeroled 0 0 Secretia Black In Color by ThiafYeroled Secretia Black In Color :iconthiafyeroled:ThiafYeroled 0 0 Secretia Black by ThiafYeroled Secretia Black :iconthiafyeroled:ThiafYeroled 0 0 Secretia Black, 2008 by ThiafYeroled Secretia Black, 2008 :iconthiafyeroled:ThiafYeroled 0 0 Synonymous Dress-Up by ThiafYeroled Synonymous Dress-Up :iconthiafyeroled:ThiafYeroled 0 0 Nami and Rose Early Concepts by ThiafYeroled Nami and Rose Early Concepts :iconthiafyeroled:ThiafYeroled 0 0 Secret and Iso Early Concept by ThiafYeroled Secret and Iso Early Concept :iconthiafyeroled:ThiafYeroled 0 0 Kitiny's Birthday Prezzehnt by ThiafYeroled Kitiny's Birthday Prezzehnt :iconthiafyeroled:ThiafYeroled 0 0 Rainbow Squiggles by ThiafYeroled Rainbow Squiggles :iconthiafyeroled:ThiafYeroled 0 0

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Thiaf Leacara Yeroled
United States
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Personal Quote: I fear that I lack a personal quote at the moment.
Account is mostly abandoned now. Pretty sure I don't have ANY watchers or anything, but in case anyone somehow runs into me... yeah, this account is so abandoned it's sobbing with the pain. xP Sorry.
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